Letters of paul dating dating in middle age

We agree, broadly, that Paul's letters were written in the 50s, with the late 40s the very earliest we can go.And we have general agreement on the basics of how to frame Paul's life.

Modern – more skeptical – scholarship has aimed at Paul’s work, claiming some of the letters might have not been written by Paul himself, but a close associate. The broad acceptance of the letter as genuinely Pauline, the content of the letter itself, and the date of Paul’s encounter with Gallio in Galatians 1:1 identifies Paul as the undisputed author.

The date and place where the letters were written are indicated by the bold letter titles, e.g., ROMANS.

The dates and order of travel after Paul's release from Rome in spring 62 are suggestions based on the scant hints left to us in the Pastoral Epistles, and a mention of an intended trip to Spain in Romans.

Our general reluctance to do this may have something to do with our general reluctance to get our hands dirty doing serious work on the Synoptic Problem, or to do the related, equally difficult work on other big issues that make some of us recoil, Pauline chronology, John's familiarity (or not) with the Synoptics, Thomas's use (or not) of the Synoptics.

But if we are to make progress on dating our crucial sources, these are the kinds of specialist areas that we need to invest in.

He spent the rest of his life as a traveling missionary, spreading the gospel (good news) to the world; and his letters were part of this. 55: This letter was written after 1 Corinthians, based on the internal references and logical consistency between 1 and 2 Corinthians. Generally, the imprisonment in Rome is considered the most probable (A. However, the case is not airtight, so it is possible that some or all of the captivity epistles were written during some other imprisonment at some other time.

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